Concrete Conveyor Truck

Worms Lumber & Ready Mix
Concrete conveyor at work

Sometimes a ready-mix truck just can't reach far or high enough to place concrete. That's where our concrete conveyor truck comes in. The truck itself is an 8-yard truck with a 40' conveyor boom mounted on it. The truck can unload its own concrete as well as other trucks' concrete into the hopper and up the conveyor belt. The truck has a wireless remote so that the operator can get as close as needed to the pouring crew for instructions and safety.

The conveyor truck can be loaded and dispatched from any of the New Munich, Sauk Centre or Long Prairie ready-mix plants.

Two trucks using the conveyor
A second ready-mix truck unloads into the conveyor's hopper to complete the job.

Last Modified: July 28, 2001
Information: Worms L&RM
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