It is my pleasure to recommend the concrete services of Worms Ready Mix to you. During the past several years, our company has worked directly with Steve & Carl on numerous projects in our service territory. The company offers top-notch quality, safety and reliability. We have valued them as an integral supplier for our lumber and ready-mix

One project in particular illustrates their ability to perform on time as well as daily demand that we expected. CAPX2020 is a 194 mile long 345 KV electric transmission line running from Monticello, MN to Mapleton, ND. Worms Ready Mix gave us the support we needed to finish Phase II on time and under budget. They delivered nearly 17,000 cubic yards in just over 5 months. I appreciated their honesty and reliability throughout the duration of the job. They demonstrated a daily focus on safety and quality of their product and services. We believe that their knowledge and sense of ownership in the project led to our success.

We have worked with Worms Ready Mix on many of our projects in central Minnesota over the last decade. In that time, we have built a long standing relationship with this company that continues to grow. Please consider Worms Ready Mix for your project. I recommend them and look forward to working with them again.

Jason Little

Xcel Energy, General Foreman Transmission Civil Construction

Commercial Contractors Inc. would highly recommend using Worms Ready Mix for any projects – big or small. Over the past 40 years, we have used Worms on many types of concrete projects. The quality of concrete products, price and service has been consistent year after year, adding value to our projects.

In 2018, Commercial Contractors Inc. had the opportunity to build a 400,000 sq./ft plus project for a Jennie O Turkey processing plant. We were awarded the job based on a hard 18 month build schedule. Worms came thru from the first footings to the final sidewalks! The concrete test samples all passed while meeting the demanding schedule. We poured concrete as early as 5:30 am and as late as 7:00 pm on some days to keep pace with the schedule. The staff was courteous. Carl Worms visited the site frequently so drivers always prepared for changing site conditions. They also had the right equipment for the job. If they did have a breakdown, they communicated with us, recovered quickly and kept the project moving forward.

On more typical projects, our customers appreciate the timely service we get from Worms. Many of our customers require minimal plant shut down time to complete projects. Worms can provide the best concrete mix for the job, help get our customers get back up running, in the shortest time possible.

For over many decades and 4 generations of family, Worms has built a solid reputation in the area and in the industry. They know their market. It is a pleasure doing business with them.

We highly recommend Worms Ready Mix!

Dennis Wessel

Project Coordinator

We can remember when Steve was shoveling sand down in a hole for a new hoist and his dad, Ed, was standing on top telling him how to do it.  We remember when Matt showed us how to accomplish a major building project without tearing down and re-building, a massive savings!  Most recently, Carl, Brian, Aaron, and the entire crew did an excellent job designing and building a new building for us.  For every major and minor project for 47+ years, they have always done an excellent job.  We appreciate being able to do business with such a fine small-town company.  We salute Worms Lumber & Ready Mix!

John & Jai Wiese

John Wiese Ford, Inc.

The team at Worms Ready Mix is great to work with and provides great service getting us what we need when we need it.  The drivers have great attitudes and we appreciate their knowledgeable driver skills. They are a professional service that stands behind their products.  

Mark, Jason, Matt & Randy

Klein Builders, Inc